The glass continously offers valued spurs to the technological creativity, great challenges that allow to innovate and create new extraordinary possibilities One of the latest news is the laser engraving both for the superficial surface 2D or the subsurface 3D of big sized float glass panels.
With this amazing particular technology you can get incredible special effects keeping the glass surface unchanged. The security is always respected thanks to the normal lamination process under vacuum bag or on line. With special interlayers and enhancements the glass becomes waterproof and resintant to the weather attacks.
We can engrave with several gradiations of dots per sq.mm and per mm of thickness. Every designer could find the shade up-to the project’s requirements.
There are several applications for interior and exterior use. The 3D technology is highlighted as much as possible with the edge led lighting because when the light reaches the engravure it makes it shining.

PANEL Laminated Safety glass
ENGRAVED GLASS Low iron float glass 10 -12 mm. thickness, not tempered.
INTERIOR USE Double laminated glass
EXTERIOR USE Triple laminated glass - insulated
ENGRAVING Available in several gradiations of depth and dots per inch
EDGES Protected or exposed.
SHAPE Every possible shape
FIXING HOLES Strongly not recommended
CURVATURE Possible only with wide radius
MAX DIMENSIONS mm 2000 X 4000