SGE is the novelty waited for a long time in the world of the point fixations of the glass facades because they have been created and designed to be fitted in the laminated glass by the structural ionoplast interlayer DuPontTM SentryGlas®.
This particular application gives the laminated glass unique quality features like solidity, transparency and safety highlighting the own features of the glasses and the perfect smoothness of the intact surface of the external covering sheet glass.


Although the point fixings SGE are of very small dimensions they have the feature of the spherical axial joint like the traditional rotules.
Thanks to the specific performances of the interlayer DuPontTM SentryGlas®, the fixings are structurally embedded between the inner glass and the external one. As a result of this the holes look NOT THROUGH because they are drilled only in the inner sheet glass of just 8 mm thickness so, from a front view the fixings are covered either by the interlayer DuPontTM SentryGlas® and by the external sheet glass that has not any drilling.

- Stiffness: 100 times higher than the P.v.b.
- Cutting Strength : 5 times higher than the P.v.b.
- Anti-fall glasses in case of accidental breakage.
- Excellent post-breakage properties.
- Glass splinters holding in case of burglary, criminal damages and blasts.
- Higher resistance to hurricanes, tornados and seismic strains.
- As for the same load of laminated glass with P.v.b. using DuPontTM SentryGlas® the thickness of the glass and related weight can be reduced by 25/30% with a considerable saving on the lightened metal substructures.

The application of the fixings SGE is strictly bound to the use of the interlayer DuPontTM SentryGlas® that can be provided only by the glass companiesqualifiedby DuPontTM that is the only manufacturer and owner of the know how.
At the moment there are some other point fixing systems with similar features but SGE stands out because of its technical qualities and the installation advantages that place it to the top class in the range of the point axial joints for high security curtain walls with NOT THROUGH holes . Do not hesitate to ask for details, information and price lines.